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Fast Turnaround TV event names EVS as Gold Sponsor

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Fast Turnaround TV event names EVS as Gold Sponsor

22 December 2011

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EVS has come on board as Gold Sponsor of TVBEurope’s Fast Turnaround TV conference, which is scheduled to take place in London on 13 March 2012. EVS technology is designed for fast turnaround productions – and the market-leading vendor will work with the TVBE team to develop a key high-profile user case study for the event.

EVS offers multichannel servers for recording and playback in original formats for broadcast and production companies seeking to boost efficiency of production workflows. A media management suite is available for instant access, timeline editing with no rendering required, as well as transparent integration with third-party NLEs for full connectivity between studios and post production.

The company guarantees fast and reliable solutions for production requirements of various TV genres such as sports, newsmagazines, live shows, onstage entertainment, TV series and dramas. EVS has also signed up as Gold Sponsor for TVBEurope’s IT Broadcast Workflow conference, to be held 3 July 2012 at the Royal Garden Hotel Kensington, London.

Fast Turnaround TV 2012 is a unique opportunity for peers and colleagues from around Europe to come together for one day to experience case studies that detail how events were produced, how technology and logistics were deployed, and what technical innovations were introduced to enhance the coverage.

Fast Turnaround TV 2012 presents a series of broadcaster case studies from around Europe, exposing the innovative workflows behind those big shows with collaborative workflows.

From those deeply involved in the latest high-profile sports, music, topical comedy, international event and shiny-floor entertainment shows, find out: how broadcasters make large fast-turnaround shows run smoothly; how market leaders plan, implement, communicate and execute successful large-scale productions; and what are the latest technology innovations out there that boost coverage and retain eyeballs?
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Sicav/FCP : EVS Broadcast en première l

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Sicav/FCP : EVS Broadcast en première l

( -- Amplégest Multicaps est un fonds PEA investi en permanence à hauteur de 75% minimum en actions de la zone Euro.

La méthode de gestion s'appuie avant tout sur un travail de sélection de valeurs pour lequel un important travail d'analyse financière est réalisé en interne.

Un travail de compréhension du cadre économique et boursier est effectué en soutien.

Le cash est désormais de 8.13% contre 6,7% le mois précédent.

Aucun mouvement structurant n'a été effectué au mois de novembre.

Les premières lignes sont EVS Broadcast, Cap Gemini et PPR. re_2011.pdf





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INA, France’s National Audiovisual Institute, chooses EVS-OpenCube for its MXF JPEG2000 long term archive

Added 8/12/2011

EVS - News

INA, France’s National Audiovisual Institute, chooses EVS-OpenCube for its MXF JPEG2000 long term archive

French Version

Toulouse, 8 December 2011 – INA, the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, which owns and manages the central repository for all French radio and television audiovisual archives, has opted for EVS-OpenCube ingest servers to digitize its video archives in MXF Jpeg2000. OpenCube, part of EVS group, is a leading provider of MXF solutions for broadcast production and archive migration.

Since the launch in 1999 of its massive audiovisual asset preservation and digitisation plan, INA, France’s National Audiovisual Institute, has generated over 300,000 digital Betacam tapes, which it has now decided to migrate into files. In addition, INA plans to archive all of its new SD and HD inputs directly into files. 

The project raised two critical issues that had to be addressed. The first was to ingest all of these materials using a codec technology that would provide both quality and integrity for long term preservation. The second was to choose a master file format that would allow flawless transcoding when these contents were delivered in different formats for different uses and users. After careful study, INA opted in favour of the MXF Jpeg2000 file format, based on EVS-OpenCube technologies.

EVS-OpenCube has both the expertise and the comprehensive solutions required for MXF Jpeg2000 ingesting and file mastering, whether lossy or mathematically lossless. The Linux-based EVS-OpenCube HD/SD video servers are widely used on the U.S. market, notably by 20th Century Fox for daily production and by Iron Mountain for JFK archive migration.

INA chose to implement several EVS-OpenCube units for an industrialized and comprehensive digitization process. The ingest servers are connected to several Flexicart Libraries and generate MXF Jpeg2000 files in SD and HD from “visually lossless” to “lossless”, with different encoding qualities depending on the content’s use.

The MXF files produced by the ingest server offer a high level of compliance with MXF SMPTE standards and seamless interoperability with third party system such as QC and transcoding tools. INA will now be able to carry out its massive digitization operation over the next several years with the guarantee that they are backed by a reliable digitization system and highly efficient MXF file management tools.

After having been part of numerous audiovisual migration projects in 2011 – notably for Antena 3 (Spain), SNRT (Morocco) and GTRF (Russia) – EVS, with INA, will be adding a new and valuable reference to its customer portfolio and thus continue leveraging its MXF expertise for video archive projects.  

“This is a strategic project for INA. We have to partner with companies that provide solid technologies as well as long term sustainability as this project will continue to gain momentum in the coming years,” says Jean Varra, Head of the INA Archive Department. “EVS has an exceptionally strong track record and offers us proven solutions and the know–how we need to carry out the project successfully”.

Adds Benoit Fevrier, General Manager of EVS-OpenCube: “We are grateful to INA for their confidence in our technologies. Their decision means a lot to us and underscores the value of our approach: we make no concessions when it comes to Standard implementation”. 



About EVS-OpenCube (

OpenCube, part of EVS since April 2010, has world-class expertise in providing flexible and cost-effective MXF-format solutions. The company develops advanced HD/SD ingest gateways and innovative technology applications to streamline workflows and effectively manage media content lifecycles: from capture to digitization, delivery and archive, display and record, convert, re-purpose and re-use.

About INA

The Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (or INA, French for National Audiovisual Institute,) is the central repository for all French radio and television audiovisual archives. Its headquarters are located in Bry–sur–Marne.

For further information, please visit

For more information about this press release, please contact:

Marketing & Communications Director
+32 4 361 5810

Benoit Février
General Manager, EVS-OpenCube
+33 561 285 606


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Liège - Belgique, le 12 décembre 2011, EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. (Euronext Bruxelles: EVS.BR, Bloomberg:
EVS BB, Reuters: EVS.BR), leader en matière d’applications vidéo numériques professionnelles destinées aux
productions TV en direct et en studio, a tenu aujourd’hui son Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire reportée.
34 actionnaires représentant 2.333.932 actions (dont 855.528 actions détenues par Michel Counson, co-fondateur
et Administrateur-Délégué d’EVS), ou 17,1% du capital, ont participé, physiquement ou par procuration, à
l’Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire reportée au siège de la société.
EVS a profité de cette assemblée pour accélérer la dématérialisation de ses actions. Par conséquent, à partir du
15 décembre prochain, les titres au porteur émis par la société et qui n’auront pas été inscrits en compte-titres
seront automatiquement convertis de plein droit en titres dématérialisés au 15 décembre 2011 (code ISIN:

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