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1. Coupons

Current code ISIN BE0003820371

Gross value (EUR)

7 17-Nov-08 24-Nov-08 1.00 (interim dividend) 
27-May-08 2-Jun-08 1.48 


21-Nov-0727-Nov-070.80 (interim dividend)
0.48 (interim dividend)
Former code ISIN BE0003738524 until May 9, 2005 : stock 5:1 split
0.20 (1.00 unadjusted for stock split)
0.60 (3.00 capital reimbursement)
0.10 (0.48)
0.10 (0.50)
0.13 (0.64)
0.08 (0.40)
0.10 (0.50)


2. Exclusive paying agent for the dividends:

ING BANK S.A., Cours Saint-Michel, 60, 1040 Brussels, Belgium,
philippe.brewaeys@ing.be, Tel. +32 2 738 46 47
Fax: +32 2 738 68 68

3. Exclusive paying agent for the May 9, 2005 stock split 1 to 5:

DELTA LLOYD BANK S.A., c/o Administration B.O. Epargne & Placements,Avenue de l'Astronomie 23, 1210 Buxelles, Belgium,
urbain.borremans@dlbank.be, Tel. +32 2 229 77 09
michel.moreau@dlbank.be, Tel. +32 2 229 7021
Fax: +32 2 229 76 99


4. Withholding Tax Reclamation Procedure

Here is the procedure for you to recoup some withholding tax on your EVS dividend, if applicable.


1. Standard Withholding Tax Reclamation Procedure

Although there are exceptions, in general the full 25% Belgian withholding tax must be withheld by EVS or the paying agent, and the non-Belgian holder of EVS shares may file a claim for reimbursement for amounts withheld in excess of the treaty rate. This needs to be checked with the tax law of your fund residence country. The reimbursement claim form (Form 276 Div.-Aut.) can be obtained from the

Bureau Central de Taxation, Bruxelles-Etranger, 10 place J. Jacobs,
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

and you can find a copy of the Form 276 Div.-Aut. attached herewith (Word format).

The form should be completed in duplicate and sent to the relevant Tax Office in the residence country of the non-Belgian holder with the request that one copy be appropriately stamped and returned to the sender. Instead of getting the tax authorities stamp, you could get from those same authorities a "non-Belgian tax residence certificate" as the specimen attached hereto which is valid for one year and for all Belgian equities.

The non-Belgian holder can then obtain reimbursement from the Bureau Central de Taxation, at the same address, upon presentation of the stamped form and a document proving that the dividend has been cashed. The request for reimbursement must be filed with the Bureau Central de Taxation within three years from January 1 of the year following the year in which the dividend was declared payable.

Prospective holders should consult their own tax advisors as to whether they qualify for the reduced withholding tax upon attribution or payment of dividends, and as to the procedural requirements for obtaining the reduced withholding tax immediately upon the attribution or payment of the dividends or through the filing of a claim for reimbursement.


2. Simplified and immediate Withholding Tax Reclamation Procedure
For next years, according to the explanatory notes 3.b) of 276 Div. (Not.) - 1999, the paying company (ie. EVS) may accept to allow the withholding tax reduction directly upon payment under some conditions:

  • if there is a non-double taxation treaty between Belgium and the Beneficiary residence state;
  • and if the shareholding is significant;
  • and if the coupons have been delivered to EVS (or one of its paying agents) within 10 days from the dividend execution date;
  • and if the 276 Div. (Not.) Form has been properly filled in and returned to EVS within 10 days from the dividend execution date;
  • and if the beneficiary has joined to the 276 Div. (Not.) From a valid "non-Belgian tax residence certificate" stamped by its local tax authorities, as attached hereto (Certificate Specimen).


You can require from your custodian to carry out those tasks for you if you provide him (and EVS) with relevant proxy. This is easy to carry out if you obtain in advance the "non-Belgian tax residence certificate". This new procedure meets a.o. the requirements as defined under the U.S.-Belgium tax treaty, allowing the beneficiaries to obtain the 10% withholding tax refund shortly after the dividend payment without having to go through a lengthy and burdensome claim procedure.

For more information, you may refer to the website of the Belgian Tax Authorities (search for "form 276") http://www.fisconet.fgov.be or find the digital forms online at http://www.finform.fgov.be or contact our paying agents.

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Shareholder's Calendar

Added 29/6/2009

  • Thursday 16 July 2009: trading update on 2Q'09 revenue
  • Thursday 27 August 2009: 2Q'09 earnings
  • Thursday 12 November 2009 : 3Q'09 sales & earnings

All legal documents are available at the company head office. If you wish to be informed about the events EVS takes part in or to receive e-mail news, please contact:

Jacques Galloy - Director & CFO
Geoffroy d'Oultremont - Investor Relations & Corporate Communications Manager
Rue Bois St-Jean, 16, 4102 Ougrée, Belgium
E-mail: corpcom@evs.tv

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EVS Technology in New SABC

Added 18/6/2009

Johannesburg, South Africa 18 Jun 2009

EVS Technology in New SABC HD OB Units

South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and its outside broadcast (OB) affiliate Air Time have ordered four high definition (HD) OB units.

The four new units were ordered as part of a replacement plan of their present analog fleet. As a result SABC will be covering the 2010 SWC, as well as a variety of other events, in a hi-end digital format.

The four OB units, which have been referred to as triple axel ‘Super Trailers’, were built by Spectra Engineering. Sony Professional Services, a division of Sony Europe, was in charge of the systems integration. Each unit is equipped with 18 HD cameras, including 3 Super Motion cameras.

In reference to EVS Technology, each OB vehicle is equipped with:

• 6 HD XT[2] production servers with Multicam LSM
• IPDirector content management software
• XF[2] removable backup server
• CleanEdit-XT[2] package for non-linear editing
• XStore[2] media storage system

Kenosi Machepa from SABC Studio Technology says: “EVS was chosen to fit in with facilities in other existing OB units, as well as facilities in the SABC Sport studios. EVS was also the only manufacturer that offered networkable severs, even between OB units, which can be used for Super Slomos, slomos, instant replays, editing, highlights packaging, and archiving, all at the same time. EVS technology has become a key component of our operations, because of its suitability to live sports broadcasts, versatility to production needs, and reliability in the outside broadcast environment. Moreover, we have always received excellent technical support from EVS.”

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XS server

Added 17/6/2009

Press Release

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Liège 17 Jun 2009

XS server now available in 2-channel version for studios

EVS’ latest server provides reliable and cost-efficent VTR replacement.

EVS’ recently unveiled XS server, which is dedicated to tapeless ingest, production, and playout in studios, is now available in both 4-channel and 2-channel configurations. The introduction of the new 2-channel entry-level server model offers a simple and cost-efficient VTR replacement solution for all types of studios looking for the most reliable tapeless alternatives and improvements in productivity.

Presented for the first time in February 2009 at the London Broadcast Expo, EVS’ XS studio server has drawn the attention of many broadcasters and studio producers looking for an effective alternative to their existing tape-based production workflows. View XS Multi-codec workflow here

In order to cope with the copious types of studio production format requirements, the XS server supports an extensive variety of acquisition and delivery formats, including a large number of natively- supported SD and HD codecs. This gives a crucial advantage to studio productions looking for the flexibility of camcorder files acquisition combined with post-production in SD or HD.

Pierre L’Hoest, CEO of EVS, said: “Today producers’ primary concerns are finding ways to reduce their production costs while speeding up their turnaround. Our new XS server is dedicated to the studio production market, and has been developed by taking these concerns into account. The XS server is now considered the most reliable and efficient alternative to VTRs, while offering unlimited benefits in terms of speed, networking, control, and media reviewing.”

The XS servers’ 2 or 4 channels can be controlled by multiple software systems, such as EVS’ renowned IPDirector content management software, and Insio, the latest production software from EVS, which allows for control of the recording of multiple camera feeds for cutting, clipping, transfer to post-production, and more. Additionally, the XS’s open architecture allows the server to be controlled by an extensive number of third-party systems, such as automation and switchers, and to be fully integrated into any MAM infrastructure.

“With the introduction of the 2-channel version, we aim to increase the availability of our XS VTR-replacement server to the large number of studio productions looking for an entry-level server for ingest or playout, while continuing to guarantee the highest level of reliability and speed,” added L’Hoest.

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Publication le 12juin 2009, 17h45 CET

Added 12/6/2009

Publication le 12juin 2009, 17h45 CET
Information règlementée
Liège - Belgique, le 12 juin 2009 - Les actionnaires d’EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. (Euronext Bruxelles: EVS.BR, Bloomberg: EVS BB, Reuters: EVS.BR), réunis ce vendredi 12 juin 2009 en Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire reportée, ont approuvé les points suivants:

Renouvellement des autorisations de rachat d’actions propres

Annulation de 250.000 actions propres

Modifications de statuts relatives aux notifications de participations importantes, aux comités du Conseil d’Administration et aux formalités relatives à la participation aux Assemblées Générales.
Le point 3 de l’ordre du jour, relatif à l’émission de 200.000 nouveaux warrants, a été reporté à une Assemblée Générale ultérieure pour des raisons techniques.
Nouveau dénominateur:
Suite à l’annulation des 250.000 actions propres, le capital social d’EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. (inchangé à EUR 8.342.479), est dorénavant représenté par 13.625.000 actions sans désignation de valeur nominale. Ce chiffre est également le dénominateur unique à utiliser pour les notifications de participations importantes dont les seuils sont de 3%, 5% et tout multiple de 5%, à la hausse et à la baisse.
Calendrier Sociétaire:
Jeudi 16 juillet 2009 Trading update sur les ventes du 2T09
Jeudi 27 août 2009 Ventes et résultats du 2T09
Jeudi 12 novembre 2009 Ventes et résultats du 3T09
Pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter:
Jacques GALLOY, Director & CFO
Geoffroy d’Oultremont, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Manager
EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A., Liege Science Park, 16 rue Bois Saint-Jean, B-4102 Ougrée (Liège), Belgique
Tél.: +32 4 361 7014 - Fax: +32 4 361 7089 - www.evs-global.com - E-mail : corpcom@evs.tv
A propos du groupe EVS
Le groupe EVS conçoit, développe et commercialise des solutions numériques professionnelles pour les chaînes de Télévision. Le groupe EVS emploie plus de 235 personnes dans 12 pays et distribue ses produits dans plus de 90 pays aux professionnels de l’image et du son. EVS est une société cotée sur Euronext Bruxelles : EVS ISIN : BE0003820371. Pour plus d’informations sur www.evs-global.com.
EVS Broadcast est le leader mondial des enregistreurs numériques à disques durs pour la production en direct et des applications logicielles qui y sont liées, spécialement dans le domaine du sport. La gamme dédiée d’équipements et de logiciels développés par la société offre une plateforme de production complète : ralentis en direct (LSM), ralentis à haute vitesse, rediffusion instantanée, génération de clips, édition rapide de clips, transferts de fichiers SD/HD en temps réel, délais vidéo, enregistrement simultané de plusieurs caméras, association de métadonnées, stockage et diffusion de graphiques, transmission numérique, acquisition et transmission sous de multiples formats, enregistrement et édition du signal audio. La plupart des applications logicielles sont installées sur la plateforme robuste et flexible XT. Les principales chaînes de télévision au monde telles que NBC, BSkyB, FOX, RTBF, RTL, NHK, CANAL+, ABC, ESPN, TF1, CCTV, PBS, CBS, BBC, ZDF, Channel7, RAI, TVE, NEP, MEDIAPRO, EUROMEDIA, BEXEL, ALFACAM et beaucoup d’autres exploitent les solutions d’EVS.
XDC, filiale à 47,2% d’EVS, est pionnier dans la logistique et la diffusion du cinéma numérique en opérant entre les distributeurs et les exploitants

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